Workforce Rostering

Workforce-RosteringWhat is a Workforce Rostering?

Workforce Rostering encompasses both the creation of optimal shifts and shift patterns, based on a given demand, as well as the optimal assignment of resources (people and equipment) to these shifts.

Workforce Rostering solutions work by translating incoming demand into activity-based shift requirements and producing the lowest cost pattern to minimise required labour. Subsequently, these solutions use resource constraints and costs (e.g. award rates, EBAs, specific working conditions, government legislation, etc.) to assign appropriately skilled resources whilst reducing overall costs. Many Workforce Rostering solutions also include self-service and management reporting portals for increased engagement and visibility.


The Value of Workforce Rostering

The key business value of Workforce Rostering solutions is in defining the optimal (lowest cost) amount of labour (in an optimal pattern) needed to perform required activities and assigning the most appropriate resource to these shifts. This provides the following benefits:

  • Clear visibility of shifts and shift patterns
  • Significant labour cost reductions due to planning and optimisation
  • Reduction of overtime costs through visibility and control
  • Better customer service through improved resource matching
  • Streamlined resource management processes through service portals


How WorkForce Delta Can Help

WorkForce Delta provides comprehensive consulting services for Workforce Rostering solutions. Our experts can help you create a business case and/or tender, select the appropriate vendor, assist with the implementation, and review/improve your current solution. Let WorkForce Delta be your difference in Workforce Rostering!