Utilities - smallThe challenges facing utility organisations are varied and complex in nature. To begin with, Utilities are constantly under pressure from government and regulator legislation. In addition, many other internal and external forces have a significant influence over business conditions. Just a few examples of Utility challenges are listed below:

  • Government legislation affecting specific performance and reporting requirements
  • Growing health and safety adherence requirements
  • Pricing regulations that affect the bottom line
  • Significant variations in seasonal demand patterns with major peaks and troughs
  • Complex capital works and maintenance schedules that must be juggled against urgent fault repairs
  • Multitudes of award and EBA contracts and conditions

The above challenges make effective workforce management more important than ever. Properly implemented workforce management solutions can provide a multitude of benefits, typically falling into the following three categories:

  • Cost Reduction through dynamic scheduling and optimisation, real-time mobility integration, optimal shift assignment, and better staff utilisation.
  • Standardisation by streamlining workflows and processes to the maximum viable extent. This allows faster staff training and upskilling, ensures repeatability, and provided better management control.
  • Visibility of demand fluctuations, capacity constraints, and operational performance in a timely, easy-to-use format.

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