Telco & Cable

Telco - smallModern Telecommunications companies operate in a highly dynamic business environment. Rapid technological advancements constantly reduce the barriers to market entry, increasing competition. In addition, other internal and external factors have a significant influence on a Telecommunications provider’s ability to operate and compete. Some of the key factors contributing to this complexity are:

  • Government legislation affecting performance (e.g. Customer Service Guarantee) and reporting requirements
  • Growing focus on Occupational Health and Safety
  • Fluctuating weather patterns causing significant faults and Mass Service Disruptions
  • Complex infrastructure maintenance schedules competing with provisioning requests
  • Multitudes of award and EBA contracts and conditions
  • Frequent releases of new products and services

The above challenges make effective workforce management more important than ever. Properly implemented workforce management solutions can provide a multitude of benefits, typically falling into the following three categories:

  • Increased Revenues and Profits through dynamic scheduling and optimisation, real-time mobility integration, optimal shift assignment, and better staff utilisation. This is particularly important when balancing revenue generating work (provisioning of new services) against cost incurring tasks (break-fix and preventative maintenance).
  • Standardisation by streamlining workflows and processes to the maximum viable extent. This allows faster staff training and upskilling, ensures repeatability, and provided better management control.
  • Visibility of demand fluctuations, capacity constraints, and operational performance in a timely, easy-to-use format.

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