Security and Public Services

Security - smallPubic and security services organisations face significant challenges in their daily operations. The fact that their employees encounter major health and safety risks in performance of their duties already separates these organisations from most others, however there are also other factors such as:

  • Wage and salary costs are rising faster than CPI putting pressure on profit margins
  • Changes in the Occupational Health and Safety legislation require additional reporting and record keeping
  • High variability in certifications, skills, and experience among staff make planning and scheduling effective rosters difficult and labour intensive
  • Flexible working arrangements adding further resourcing limitations
  • Multitudes of award and EBA contracts and conditions make choosing a cost effective resource difficult

The above factors, together with the high scrutiny of public and security services make effective workforce management increasingly important. Properly implemented workforce management solutions can provide a multitude of benefits, typically falling into the following three categories:

  • Exceptional OH&S management through improved roster and shift visibility, real-time monitoring of staff activities, and better adherence to safety standards and protocols
  • Higher employee satisfaction through appropriately matching staff preferences with available opportunities and ensuring a fair and balanced roster and schedule
  • Reduced cost and higher profit margins by minimising the number of resources (while still ensuring adherence to contract requirements), ensuring the most appropriately costed resource is assigned to shifts and tasks, and reducing overtime costs.

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