Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas - SmallOil and Gas producers and distributors play a vital role by supplying oils, gases, and lubricants that literally move the world. In doing so, they encounter a multitude of challenging operating conditions and complex processes such as drilling, extraction, preparation, and refining and processing. Other internal and external forces such as those listed below add further constraints on this already volatile industry:

  • Environmental legislation affecting specific performance and reporting requirements
  • Growing health and safety adherence requirements
  • Unpredictable weather events affecting drilling and offshore platform operations
  • Heavy exposure to OPEC production volumes produce pricing uncertainty
  • Major variations in seasonal demand patterns
  • Complex capital works and maintenance schedules
  • Multitudes of award and EBA contracts and conditions (e.g. FIFO)

In addition to the above challenges, heavy labour requirement variations (e.g. skill sets, certifications, etc.) necessitate effective workforce management solutions and practices. Well-implemented workforce management solutions can provide a multitude of benefits such as:

  • Cost Reduction through dynamic scheduling and optimisation, real-time mobility integration, optimal resource assignment, and better staff utilisation
  • Standardisation by streamlining workflows and processes to the maximum viable extent. This allows faster staff training and upskilling, ensures repeatability, and provides better management control
  • Real-Time Visibility of labour requirements, available capacities, and operational performance (including locations and status) in a timely, easy-to-use format
  • Better OH&S compliance through accurate matching of activity/site skills and certification requirements to available resources

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