Healthcare - smallThe Healthcare industry works with some of society’s most vulnerable people. Their patients and customers require a large number of distinct services ranging from hospital treatment (emergency and voluntary), domestic assistance (mobile nursing, home caring, etc.), retirement care, and many others. As a result, large variations in staffing level and skill sets is also prevalent in the industry, adding further complexity. Furthermore, many other internal and external pressures provide additional challenges to an already difficult task. The Healthcare industry constantly has to work around some of the following key factors:

  • Government funding constraints limiting available resources
  • Large variations in staffing requirements for hospital wards and wings
  • Many distinct skill sets amongst Healthcare professionals
  • Changes in demographics and aging population
  • Rising customer expectations
  • Multitude of EBAs and awards including penalty rates
  • Significant staff turnover

The above challenges make effective workforce management crucial to ensuring patient needs are addressed in a timely, consistent, and cost-effective manner. A properly implemented workforce management solution can provide a multitude of benefits such as:

  • Improved Customer Service through advanced demand and capacity management, better shift and coverage (right skills and experience), contingency planning capabilities, and better customer appointment administration
  • Lower Staff Turnover via self-service portals, more work/life balance (ability to nominate / swap shifts if approved), and better consideration of staff preferences
  • Cost Reduction through better resource utilisation, visibility of shift patterns and coverage, and minimisation of overtime hours.


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