Field Service Scheduling

Field-Service-SchedulingWhat is Field Service Scheduling?

At its core, field service scheduling is the process of allocating the right job to the right technician, at the right time.  While this is a simpler process for small organisations with limited throughput, as scale increases, so does the need for a standardized scheduling process.  Field service scheduling is often incorrectly seen as a “fix all” button with no human intervention/monitoring required.  Organisations that drive significant benefit through field service scheduling are strong in applying a consistent framework that results in jobs being scheduled according to clearly defined organisational goals while maintaining the right supporting infrastructure to intervene only when necessary.


The value of Field Service Scheduling

The benefits of optimised field service scheduling are significant:

  • Reduction of unplanned overtime
  • Reduction in repeat customer visits
  • Reduction in missed SLAs
  • Improvement in technician utilisation
  • Improvement in customer satisfaction
  • Standardised processes across the whole organisation
  • Reduction in overall support staff for technicians

According to the Aberdeen Group, best in class (top 20%) companies achieve 90% field service scheduling accuracy (defined as % of schedules that don’t require modification after creation).  In such companies, company satisfaction improved on average 11% year on year, with only 4% total costs being unplanned overtime (read more:


How WorkForce Delta can help

The consultants at WorkForce Delta have decades of experience in guiding clients to drive significant benefits in their field service scheduling requirements.  From helping to define basic scheduling rules to ensuring that company objectives are prioritised to perfection, WorkForce Delta will assist with creating a schedule that reflects the short and long term needs of your organisation.  Let WorkForce Delta be your difference in Field Service Scheduling!