Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise-MobilityWhat is Enterprise Mobility?

With the world becoming increasingly focused on mobile computing opportunities it has put a wealth of options on the table for every type of organisation.  From enabling field technicians to capture necessary data with easy, to ensuring the mobility platform is secure and flexible enough to deal with advances in technology, the right enterprise mobility strategy puts the organisation on a path to scalable growth.  In WFM deployments, selecting the right device, creating a solid bring your own device (BYOD) strategy and ensuring future proofing is vital to successful deployment.


The value of Field Service Scheduling

The key benefits of a strong enterprise mobility comprise:

  • Accurate data captured in the field
  • A workforce that is easy to on-board to the overall company strategy
  • Increased field productivity
  • Reduction in paperwork and back office support
  • Faster and more accurate invoicing
  • Improved customer service

It is estimated in 2015 the number of mobility field workers will exceed 1.3 billion.  By defining the right enterprise mobility strategy, the organisation will stay ahead in an increasingly competitive world.


How WorkForce Delta can help

The consultants at WorkForce Delta have decades of experience in working with clients to define the right enterprise mobility solution, from selecting devices to ensuring the right data is displayed to the techs and ensuring the solution can grow as the company grows.  Let WorkForce Delta be your difference in enterprise mobility!