Demand Forecasting

Demand ForecastingWhat is Demand Forecasting?

Organisations with mobile field forces are often at the mercy of their customers’ ever-changing behaviour patterns. Other internal and external factors such as weather events, government legislation, technological advancements, enterprise bargaining agreements, and marketing campaigns can also have a significant impact on the amount of work needing to be done.

Demand Forecasting solutions combine historical work data (allowing for seasonality and anomalies) with additional relevant inputs such as marketing campaign projections and new product launches to produce an accurate forecast of anticipated demand for a chosen timeframe. This can be further broken down into demand categories (e.g. work type, locations, and other groupings) for further visibility.


The Value of Demand Forecasting

The key business value of Demand Forecasting solutions is timely access to accurate anticipated demand information. This can provide the following benefits:

  • Better understanding of work patterns and distribution
  • Ability to change customer behaviour to balance the incoming demand
  • Enables effective resource capacity planning
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Overall reduction in cost of service


How WorkForce Delta Can Help

WorkForce Delta provides comprehensive consulting services for Demand Forecasting solutions. Our experts can help you create a business case and/or tender, select the appropriate vendor, assist with the implementation, and review/improve your current solution. Let WorkForce Delta be your difference in Demand Forecasting!