Corporate and Professional Services

Corporate-and-Professional-ServicesCorporate and professional services organisations face increasing competition on a daily basis. With so many products and services becoming more and more commoditised, professional services providers need to better differentiate themselves in order to win and retain customers. Other challenges and constraints in this dynamic sector are:

  • Wage and salary costs growth rates being higher than CPI resulting in declining margins on both products and services
  • Rapid technological advancements reducing barriers to market entry and requiring constant investment in staff training and development
  • Global economy allowing international rivals to compete locally without a significant investment
  • Increasing consumer power due to abundance of supply for most products and services
  • Flexible working arrangements adding further resourcing limitations

The above factors make effective workforce management more important than ever. Properly implemented workforce management solutions can provide a multitude of benefits, typically falling into the following three categories:

  • Exceptional customer service through improved appointment management, tighter service windows, and real-time notification
  • Higher employee satisfaction by appropriately matching staff preferences with available opportunities. In addition, workforce management solutions can provide better visibility of training and cross-skilling requirements to ensure your corporate and professional services staff have the necessary resources for their daily activities.
  • Reduced cost and higher profit margins through scheduling the optimal appropriately skilled resource, reducing the travel costs, and avoiding repeat visits. Mobility solutions also make all the necessary information available with all information available at the press of a button, further improving the service effectiveness.

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