Capacity Planning

Capacity PlanningWhat is a Capacity Planning?

Capacity Planning is the process of determining an appropriate resource capacity to meet the expected demand. Organisations with mobile workforces operate in a highly dynamic environment, and thus typically struggle to adequately resource their field teams in a cost effective way leading to increased costs of service delivery.

Capacity Planning solutions use demand forecasts to establish the amount of work needed in a selected timeframe. This demand is then optimised against the available resources to highlight capacity issues such as over or under supply of labour. Many solutions also allow resource and field service managers to perform scenario based modelling to determine the cost of various resourcing decisions.


The Value of Capacity Planning

The key business value of Capacity Planning solutions is timely access to accurate resource capacity information. This can provide the following benefits:

  • Better understanding of labour shortages and surpluses
  • Ability to balance resources against anticipated volume of work
  • Higher SLA adherence through better resource deployment
  • Overall reduction in cost of service through timely decision making


How WorkForce Delta Can Help

WorkForce Delta provides comprehensive consulting services for Capacity Planning solutions. Our experts can help you create a business case and/or tender, select the appropriate vendor, assist with the implementation, and review/improve your current solution. Let WorkForce Delta be your difference in Capacity Planning!